Solar Dye 10g - Direct dye

Solar Dye 10g - Direct dye

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The most simple of the cotton dyes - For best results Direct Dyes are used at the boil with the addition of salt, but can also be dyed in HOT water in a washing machine. All colours are intermixable but have only fair to good fastness. 


DIRECT DYES are usually used for dyeing cellulose fibres, fabrics and yarn but they also dye silk and wool. Direct dyes rely on their natural affinity for the fibre and are used in boiling water. They only have moderate light and wash fastness but this can be improved with Kolourfix FF in a separate soaking bath after being dyed. Kolourfix FF helps stabilise and fix the colour after dyeing. Direct dyes aren’t recommended for anything exposed to strong sunlight or multiple washes. 50gms of dye will dye 1kg of fabric.

100 gms CLEAN FIBRE |YARN|FABRIC Dye - 1 tsp = approx 5gms

1 gm for pale shade
2.5 gms for medium shade 5 gms for strong shade

10gms for BLACK

Salt Common or Glauber Salt

50gms [3 tablespoons] per litre of dyebath


Start by dissolving the dye powder in hot water. Make sure there are no undissolved lumps.

Make up the dyebath with enough warm water to comfortably cover the fabric.

Dissolve the salt in hot water and make sure there are no lumps. Add to the dyebath.

Add the dye solution to the dyebath. Stir well
Add the fabric to the dyebath and stir well
Gradually heat the dyebath until boiling, stirring regularly to avoid unevenness.
Simmer at the boil for 15 45mins depending on the depth of shade
Remove the fabric from the dyebath, squeeze out excess liquid.
Wash in hot soapy water then rinse until water runs clear.


Before washing the fabric after dyeing make up a separate hot bath with 10 20mls of Kolourfix and soak for 15 to 20mins. Remove, squeeze out excess then wash in hot soapy water. Rinse until water runs clear.

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