Sleeping Queens

Sleeping Queens is one of our most popular kids card games. This game is a favourite among parents and children alike, and even though it is recommended for ages 8 and up, kids as young as 5 can still enjoy this classic game.

At the start of the game the 12 queen cards are placed face down in the middle of the table. These are the sleeping queens the aim of the game is to wake them up. The first player to wake up the required amount of queens wins the game.

Play a King and you can wake up a queen, take a queen, turn it face up and place it in front of you.
A Knight will allow you to kidnap another player's queen, but look out, if that player has a Dragon they will scare the knight away.

A Sleeping Potion will put your opponent's Queen back to sleep, but a Magic Wand will protect them.
The deck of cards also is made up of Number cards from 1 to 10. You can discard one card to draw a new card, or a pair to get two cards, or if you have 3 or more number cards and can arrange them into an addition equation (eg 1,3,4 could be 1+3=4) then you can discard them and draw new cards.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, for 2 to 5 players and plays in about 15 minutes.

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Vendor: Weave Bellingen

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