Learn to Crochet

Posted on October 18, 2013 by tiffany daro

Have you seen the gorgeous crocheted blankets getting around at the moment??

Chevron, granny squares, hexagons, granny stripes.. Wowee there are some prolific crafters in our town.

If you would love to learn to make one for yourself, we are running a beginner crochet class this Monday 21st.

From 12-3pm. You will learn the basics and be on your way to making hundreds of granny squares.


this ones called 'Catherines Wheel'


This is 'Sunburst'




Classic 'Granny Squares' coming together..



And lastly this lovely 'Wavy Chevron'

All pretty special I reckon, and a lovely project to plug away at over summer, ready to gift someone next year..

Book in now to enjoy an afternoon of crocheting with us



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